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Whoo loves you baby shower invitations

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Whoo loves you baby shower invitations are a fond way of creating a baby shower invitation with this phrase. It does not mean anything else but an endearing way of saying that the baby is loved and is one of the popular baby shower invitation themes. In fact, in the 60s and 70s, there was actor Telly Savalas who drawled the famous lines with a lollipop in his hand “Whooo loves you baby?” Nowadays, it is mostly used as a baby shower invitation theme where motifs like owls are used because they are supposed to make a hooting sound and it is like a play on the words “whoo”. While creating a whoo loves you baby shower invitation, one can use the picture of an owl or draw one and surround it with stars, the moon and tree branches. The little owl sitting on the tree makes for a cute image and is a popular theme among baby shower invitations.

Sample whoo loves you baby shower invitations:

  • Whoo loves you baby? Hoot Hoot Hoot We do!!!

Please join us as we celebrate the birth of baby Liam and hold a baby shower to welcome him and honour his mother Jessica Banners. Details of the baby shower are given below. Thanking you,


Phone number: 8239482184

Time: 6 pm

Date: January 17, 2012-01-04

Venue: Wilbur Hall, 21 Eastwood drive, Waco

  • Whoo loves you baby? Mommy loves her little baby owl!

You are cordially invited to join us as we celebrate Mary Sue’s baby shower to welcome baby Aaron in this world on Friday, 6 pm.

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