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What will it bee baby shower invitations

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What will it bee baby shower invitations are a fun way of writing an invitation which plays on the word be and bee. It has the image or motif of a cute bumblebee as is often used as a design on the invitation card. Bees look adorable and are often used in baby shower invitation cards. Since most parents do not know the gender of the baby, the phrase is used to wonder what will it bee.. a boy or a girl. These puns make the invitation card more fun and livelier. One can make drawings or cut pictures of bumble bees or download them from the internet and then paste them on the invitation card. That makes it look cute and vibrant.

Sample what will it bee baby shower invitations:

  • What will it bee??

Please join us to honour the baby shower of Jessie Adams as we gather to celebrate the arrival of the baby boy or girl and enjoy lunch together.. Details of the baby shower are given below. Thanking you,


Phone number: 45043

Time: 6 pm

Date: January 17, 2012-01-04

Venue of the party : Arches Hall, 21 West drive, San Antonio

  • What will it bee?

We are humming with excitement as we wait to welcome Esther’s baby into this world and are holding a baby shower for her to celebrate this beautiful and happy occasion. Please join us on Friday, January 8, 2012 at 6 pm at 22 Justin Hall, Grand Avenue, California.



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