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What to Say on a Baby Shower Invitation

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Baby shower invitations are sent on behalf of the expectant mother to celebrate the arrival of the baby but one often wonders what to say on a baby shower invitation. Like any invitation card, a baby shower invitation also has some basic information which must be given in the invite. The name of the mother is the most important so that the recipient of the invite knows whose baby shower it is. After that, a formal invitation must be made by the host by inviting the guests and also the theme of the baby shower can be mentioned, if there is any. Last but not the least, all the details of the venue, date and time must be mentioned clearly along with the phone number of the host so that guests can call her for any enquiry. Any special instruction should also be mentioned, for example, if here is any costume party, what gifts to bring, if it is a potluck, a picnic or party and so on.

Sample What to say on a baby shower invitation:

  • Dear Martha,

Please join us for lunch to celebrate the baby shower of Kathy to be held at Cinnamon Hall on Sunday at 1 pm.

Yours truly,


  • Dear Mini,

I would like to invite you to celebrate Monica’s baby shower to be held this Saturday at her apartment in 21 Street at 11 am. We are having a garden theme for the baby shower and you can wear a costume if you want too!

Yours truly,


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