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What to put on a baby shower invitation

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A baby shower invitation is sent to the friends and well-wishers of an expectant mother who is honoured during a baby shower party. The invitation card must include some details which will give the guests information about the occasion and also any special instruction which they must follow. By putting the right information in the baby shower invitation, one can make the invite look not only attractive but also help the guests get an idea of what to expect from the party.

There is not fixed formula of what to put in the baby shower invitation, but these basic information must be given:

  • Poem: Baby shower invitations usually start with a poem or quotation which creates a jolly atmosphere and also describes the theme of the baby shower. It has a cute limerick which may describe the gender of the baby or if they are twins.
  • Name of mother: A baby shower is held to honour the mother; hence it is important to put the mother’s name in the invitation card so that the guests can know whose shower they are attending.
  • Information about party: The date, time and venue of the baby shower party is extremely important and one must put this information accurately so that the guests can know when and where to arrive and can make their plans accordingly.
  • Contact details of host: The guests may want to contact the host for any information or questions, so do remember to put in the contact details of the host of the baby shower.
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