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What to include in baby shower invitations

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Baby shower invitations are invitation cards which give the details of a party held in order to honour a mother expecting the birth of a child soon. There is no fixed rule for writing a baby shower invitation but a few things should be included in it. First and foremost, give the name of the mother as she is the star of the party and all the guests will be showering her with blessings and gifts. Next include any theme if you have selected any, so that guests can know if there is a dress code or any other instructions. Special instructions would also include mentioning if it is a potluck party, a picnic, an outdoor thing like a barbeque or in a restaurant etc so that guests can prepare themselves. Besides that the host can begin the invite by adding a poem, limerick or quotation to make the invitation livelier. Last but not the least, give accurate and clear details of the time, date, venue of the baby shower.

Sample what to include in baby shower invitations:  

  • Dear Celeste,

Please join us for lunch to celebrate the baby shower of Megan to be held at Ginger Hall on Sunday at 1 pm.

Yours truly,


  • Dear Kim,

I would like to invite you to celebrate Rachel’s baby shower to be held this Saturday at our home in 19th Street at 11 am. We are having a sea theme for the baby shower and you can wear a costume if you want!

Yours truly,


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