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What size are baby shower invitations

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Baby shower invitations are the best way to inform the friends and family of an expectant mother that you are going to hold a baby shower in her honour and where they can shower the baby and the mother with love and best wishes. It is thus very important to format and write a baby shower invitation properly so that the guests get the right kind of information about the party.

There is no fixed size for baby shower invitations as most of the content, design, size and other elements centre around the theme of the baby shower. But it is better to keep it short and to the point as this is an invitation and not a regular letter where you will be adding other information and small talk. These tips will help you make the right-sized baby shower invitations:

  • All baby shower invitations begin with a poem, give the information about the party in the middle and give the RSVP details in the end. This format should be followed and this information is not very long. You must make sure that all these points are mentioned and you can use however space you require to give this basic information. After that you can adjust the length of the invitation and increase or decrease the size.
  • Decoration-wise, there are many things one can do with a baby shower invitation and some of them make these invites very long and elaborate. That is fine if the theme demands it, but do not make it unnecessarily long that guests find it tedious to read it.
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