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Vintage Circus Baby Shower Invitations

Vintage circus baby shower invitations refer to those baby shower invitations which have the elegant and fun theme of a vintage circus. Baby showers may have a particular theme and all the decorations and food center around that theme as guests are invited to participate in honoring the mother and child. A vintage circus themed baby shower must be colorful, with bright, vibrant patterns as decorations along with glittering, shiny beads, garlands, drapes that will add a touch of opulence and a circus-like atmosphere. There can be pictures of animals, birds which you can find online or in vintage circus animal photos pages and they can be hung or stuck to the walls.

You can have different types of finger food, entrees and fun desserts like cupcakes, pies and decorate the table with paper roses, laces, ribbons and glitter. The food can also be served in colorful plates and bowls and clowns or other performers can also be invited to entertain the guests at the party.

Sample Vintage Circus Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Come one, come all, Do not miss on the extravaganza at the Miller Family Circus!

You are cordially invited to attend the baby shower invitation of Shelly Miller as we honor her and her soon to arrive baby. Please join us to bless her and also have some fun!

Place: City Unlimited Lounge, 311 Green Hotel

Date: June 10, 2012

Time: 11 am



Phone no: 783475834

  • Ladies and Gentlemen! The Jones circus awaits your presence!

Please join us to celebrate Tiffany’s baby shower as we create an atmosphere of fun, festivity and laughter! The theme of the baby shower is Vintage Circus and you can wear a costume if you want! Details are given below:

Place: Creation Lounge, 121 County Hotel

Date: June 9, 2012

Time: 10.30 am



Phone no: 78749390

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