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Twins and Triplets Baby Shower Invitations

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Twins and triplets baby shower invitations are sent on behalf of an expectant mother who is going to give birth to twins or triplets. It is no different from any other baby shower but here one can be creative and make the invitation special as there is more than one child expected. Once the theme of the baby shower is decided, you can use designs and graphics to stress that there are two or three babies expected as al the guests may not be aware of this yet. This also helps guests bring gifts for more than one baby.

If you know the sex of the babies, include them in the invitation too so that the guests can bring appropriate gifts. For twin girls, you can use the basic pink colour. On that, you can add pictures of flowers, birds, polka dots, foot prints, ballerinas, princesses, bows, ribbons, tiaras etc to make it look pretty. For twin baby boys, you can have a basic blue colour, which is the traditional colour of boys, and on that you can add pictures of toy cars, bottles, trucks, airplanes, superhero characters, strollers, balls, etc. Everything used in the decoration must be used in twos and threes, such as two balloons for twins or three stuffed animals for triplets.

Sample Twins and Triplets Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Two wonderful for words!

Please join us for a baby shower honouring Amber Jackson who is expecting twins!

Place: 39 Glover Avenue, Waco, Texas

Date: September 12, 2011, Sunday at 2: 00 pm


Jennifer Jackson

Phone number: 847583584

  • Fishing around for any clues for free, all we know that there will be three!

You are cordially invited to be a part of Alice’s baby shower.

Place: Jackson Hall, New York

Date: July 12, 2011, Saturday at 2: 00 pm


Rose Dixon

Phone number: 347385838

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