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Turtle Pink Baby Shower Invitations

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Turtle pink baby shower invitations are those baby shower invitation cards which have a picture of a pink turtle. Since pink is traditionally regarded as the colour of girls, a turtle pink baby shower invitation is generally used for baby girls. A pink turtle may have other patterns on the card like butterflies, flowers, bubble and other girlie motifs which make it look dainty. You can add cut outs of these patterns and paste them near the turtle. The idea is to create a wonderland like the woods with ponds, birds, flowers and a pink turtle. You can also add a bow or ribbons to make it look more attractive. For the party food one can have make cupcakes with pink turtle frosting.

Sample Turtle Pink Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Mommy and daddy are new parents you see,

Please join us and advise them on how to raise me!

It is time for Tisha’s baby shower! Join us to welcome her baby girl among us and bless the mother and child. Here are the details of the party:

Place: 847 Lake Grace, Waco

Date: October 7, 2011, Sunday at 5: 00 pm



Phone number: 6754456464

  • A little baby is on the way,

So set aside time for this special day.

Please join us for a baby shower to honour Jennifer and shower your blessings and best wishes on the baby girl and the mother.

Place: 16 West Anderson, Kentucky

Date: October 7, 2011, Friday at 1: 00 pm



Phone number: 454667797

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