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Triplet baby shower invitations

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Triplet baby shower invitations are sent to the friends, relatives and colleagues to request their presence for attending the baby shower party of the mother who is expecting triplets. Such an invitation includes quotes and messages about the triplets.

Sample Triplet baby shower invitations:

(a)Samantha has seen the gooses in the V,

Triplets will be here soon for everyone to see!

Dear Marry! Our daughter is expecting her triplets. We are gladly inviting you to attend the baby shower party and to bless the unborn and the new mother. See you at our resident on December 7th, 2010 at sharp 10am for the baby shower.

(b)Triple the dress, triple the toys,

Triple the diaper, triple the bottle & nipples,

Here come the babies 1…2…3!

You are requested to join the baby shower of Elisabeth Turner on Sunday 5th December 2010 at sharp 11am. The venue is:

Place: Pink Plaza, Banker’s Road, Northern Road, Ottawa, Canada

R.S.V.P:  Turner family.

(c) Joy, love and wonderful dreams,

All sweet moments a baby girl & baby boy brings!

A baby shower party to honour the unborn triplets and the new mom,

On Tuesdays 7th, 2010 at sharp 10am


Hotel Middleton, 5th floor, Park Avenue road, New York, America

Please join us to share the cheerful moments.

(d)Three pens in a pot, three bundles of joy,

Tina & Steve are going to have triplet boys!

The couple is expecting three baby boys. You are heartily invited to attend the party. Venue is as following:

Place:  Paterson House, Spencer Society, Northern road, New York, America

Date: December 10th, 2010

Time: 11am

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