Baby shower thank you messages

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Perhaps the most important thing besides the baby shower invitation card is the baby shower thank you message. The shower invitees wish to know whether their gifts were appreciated and special. That’s why you have to send thank you messages to all guests who attended the celebration.

Ideally, the mother-to-be should send baby shower thank you messages which comprise the same theme like the baby shower invitation. The host of the party could pre-order the thank you cards while ordering the baby shower invitation. This would give the expecting mother one less thing for worrying about.

Regardless of the style and design of the cards, the guests must receive them as soon as possible. The host of the party must try to dispatch the thank you cards within seven or ten days of the baby shower party. Even if the messages can’t be sent right away, it’s none too late for thanking people who gave gifts to your baby. Unlike the baby shower invitation, the thank you card must be personalized and handwritten.

Following are some examples of baby shower thank you messages.

  • Simply love the adorable doggie rattle and blanket you gave at the shower. Can’t wait to wrap up little Freddie in the blanket. I’m sure he’ll get some kick out of shaking.
  • Thanks for the lavender baby bath which has thermometer, padding and adjustable everything, I’ll enjoy bathing my baby rather than becoming nervous. It smells so good. In fact, I could use that myself.
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