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Stork Baby Shower Invitations

Stork baby shower invitations are used to send an invitation to the close friends and family members to enjoy the baby shower party together. Stork baby shower invitation messages are planned with the different images of stork in a sober colour combination. A flying stork holding a baby and a sitting stork playing with a little baby are the two attractive poses widely purchased by the expecting parents. However, with little creativity, a stork baby shower invitation can be crafted at home. You need to use a printed image of stork along with some shining stars and a rainbow coloured paper for the background. If you are willing to draft an affordable range of stork baby shower invitations in diverse poses, it is recommended to grab an idea from the internet. Nevertheless, these invitations can be purchased from the online websites by short listing the invitation format and specifying the size dimensions.

Sample stork baby shower invitations:

(a)A stork holding a little baby, is flying on his way,

Let’s celebrate this great occasion before the big day!

Dear Mrs. & Mr. Hudson! We are pleased to announce the first baby shower occasion of our daughter-in- law Lena McGraw and requesting your presence to enjoy these wonderful moments together. The venue is:

Place: Hotel Hilton, Spencer Road, New York, America

Date: Friday, may 6th, 2011 at sharp 5: 00 pm

(a)It will be double the pleasure and double the fun,

Maggie is expecting two little ones!

We are delighted to announce the first baby shower of our daughter-in-law Maggie Hudson and gladly inviting you to celebrate these grand moments together. Venue:

Hudson House, Green Lake Park, New York, America

On Friday, May 6th, 2011 at sharp 7: 00 pm

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