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Sophisticated Baby Shower Invitations

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Sophisticated baby shower invitations are those invitations which have a more upscale and sophisticated look for a baby shower party. These are sent by the parents to their family and friends in order to invite them for a baby shower. In order to create a sense of sophistication in your baby shower invitation, a theme like a baby library can be used. For this, you can ask guests to bring a book which can be later read by parents to the infants. Guests can also bring their favourite books as children or what they read to their children.

The organiser can also have a spa day for the mother and there can be beauticians, manicurist etc who will help the mother and guests to relax. Guests can also bring their own products, music or food and enjoy a pampering experience. Another theme is a tea party for a baby shower where guests can dress up and have a party in the yard.

Sample Sophisticated Baby Shower Invitations:

  • A baby shower and tea party!

Mary is expecting her baby soon and we request you to share our joy by participating in a tea party.

Place: Roman Hall, King’s Road, New York

Date: October 1, 2011, Sunday at 5: 00 pm



Phone number: 9845943900

  • Shower of joy for mommy and baby!

Indulge yourself in an exotic experience as we celebrate Mona’s baby shower with facials and pedicures!

Place: Doloris Hall, New York

Date:  October 1, 2011, Friday at 1: 00 pm



Phone number: 72847823493

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