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Sayings to Put On Baby Shower Invitations

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Sayings to put on baby shower invitations refer to a proverb or poem one puts in the beginning of a baby shower invitation card which gives the guest an idea of what is the theme of the baby shower, sometimes the gender of the baby and basically sets the tone of the baby shower party. There can be many different types of sayings to be put on baby shower invitations. Some of them are gender-specific, some are sent on behalf of both the parents, some may be humorous or rhyme and some may be religious. Whatever type of saying is chosen, it helps to brighten up the invitation, rather than just give information about the time, day or venue of the party. Depending on the theme of the baby shower or the preferences of the parents, one can choose from a wide variety of sayings and accordingly select one most suitable for their party.

Sample Sayings to Put On Baby Shower Invitations:

  • A boy or a girl, we still can’t say,

But let’s shower Bella before the delivery day!

Celebrate Bella’s surprise baby shower with us on Sunday. More details are given below.



Place: 920 Kory Lane, California

Date: December 11, 2011, Sunday at 5: 00 pm

Phone number: 734782399

  • How cute, how lovely, cuddly and fun,

Maria’s new life as a mom has just begun!

Join us as we hold a baby shower for Maria this Friday.



Place: 93 Pine View, Denver

Date: December 11, 2011, Friday at 1: 00 pm

Phone number: 23940204

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