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Saying Baby Shower Invitations Boy

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Saying baby shower invitations boy refers to those sayings which can be put in invitation cards sent to guests inviting them for a baby shower of a mother who is expecting a baby boy. A baby shower invitation card can be written in many ways but most have these have sayings or limericks written on top in order to make the invite humorous or mention the theme of the baby shower. Some prefer using humour, some use rhymes, while others may refer religious sayings. After the saying, follows the details of the baby shower like venue, timings and date. Most baby shower invitations use common sayings which can be applicable to both boys and girls but some are used specifically for a baby boy. Just like certain colours, for eg, blue, or patterns are used for baby boys, similarly certain words are used in the sayings which refers to the birth of a male child.

Sample Saying Baby Shower Invitations Boy:

  • She is expecting a baby, a bundle of joy, please join us as we welcome Lizzie’s baby boy!

Celebrate Lizzie’s baby shower with us on Sunday. More details are given below.



Place: 1109, Ashton Lane, California

Date: December 11, 2011, Sunday at 5: 00 pm

Phone number: 234284334

  • Bring a rattler, bring a toy, come and celebrate us to welcome a baby boy!

Join us as we hold a baby shower for Jamie this Friday.



Place: 93 Oak View, Los Angeles

Date: December 10, 2011, Friday at 1: 00 pm

Phone number: 383543289

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