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Rubber Duck Baby Shower Invitations

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Rubber duck baby shower invitations are one of the cutest themes for a baby shower. Baby showers are held in order to honour the mother who is expecting a baby soon. Rubber ducks are used in the bathtubs or kiddie pools where children can play with the ducks which float in the water. They come in various sizes and colours, wearing different types of garments and all these designs can be used while preparing an invitation card for a rubber duck-themed baby shower. During the party, there can be a pool area or a tub of water and some rubber ducks can be set afloat. You can make it a centrepiece for the party. Guests can be asked to bring a rubber duck each for the baby shower and they can be kept at the tub. When the baby is born, these ducks can be used in the shower and the baby can play with them.

Sample Rubber Duck Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Quack Quack!

Create a splash at Karen’s baby shower party hosted by family and friends to shower our love and blessings on her. Details of the party are given below.



Place: Apt 23, Coster Lane, Los Angeles

Date: December 10, 2011, Sunday at 5: 00 pm

Phone number: 384929899

  • You have been selected by the quack patrol!

Join us to celebrate Ana’s baby shower as she looks forwards to the birth of her baby girl.



Place: Apt 2E, Georgia Avenue, California

Date: December 9, 2011, Friday at 1: 00 pm

Phone number: 34239408

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