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Response to Baby Shower Invitation

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A response to a baby shower invitation is given by the recipient of the baby shower after he receives the invitation to attend a baby shower. Sometimes, some invitation cards ask for a response while some are sent by the recipient as courtesy sake. By responding to the baby shower invitation, the recipient can let the host know if she is attending the shower or not. This helps the host to get an estimate of the number of people attending the shower and make arrangements accordingly. If you are declining an invitation, you can give the reason for your absence honestly but make sure to be tactful so that the feelings of the host are not hurt. If you have decided to join the celebrations, then let the host know about your arrival. One can respond to a baby shower invitation either by calling, emailing or sending a letter by ordinary post. Also respond as soon as possible after receiving the invitation.

Sample Response to Baby Shower Invitation:

  • Dear Maria,

I am sorry to say that I will not able to attend the baby shower of Gloria as my husband’s parents will be arriving to stay with us during the weekend. But my best wishes are forever with Gloria and her baby and I shall pray for them.

Yours truly,


  • Dear Gina,

I received your baby shower invitation to celebrate Dolly’s baby and I will gladly be a part of the celebrations. Congratulations to the mother and child again. See you soon!

Yours truly,


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