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Red Wagon Baby Shower Invitations

Red wagon baby shower invitations are those invitation messages which are sent by the expecting couple to close friends and relatives for celebrating their baby shower with blessings and prayers. A red wagon carrying a little baby, twins travelling in a little red wagon and a honking red wagon full of toys are some of the gorgeous prints of a red wagon baby shower invitation. You can place an order by choosing the desired format, background colour, invitation wording and by specifying the size & quantity required of red wagon baby shower invitations. You can explore the online card galleries or can visit the nearest invitation card stores for buying a suitable red wagon baby shower invitation. To prepare such an invitation at home, you need to draw or paste a printed picture red wagon of your choice, beads, stars, colourful paper flowers and glue, etc.

Sample Red wagon baby shower invitations:

  • A red wagon is soon to be honking at Linda‚Äôs door,

As her little twins are about to come & bring along love, happiness & galore!

You are heartily invited to join the baby shower party of Linda McGraw at:

Hotel New Park, Street No: 2nd, Spencer Mall, New York, America

On Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 at sharp 2: 00 pm

  • It is a baby shower,

Bring a red wagon, lots of toys, and a blue umbrella,

Come and celebrate the soon to be arrival of a little fella!

Dear Mrs. Robinson! It is the occasion of baby shower honouring Martha Hudson and her little unborn baby. You are requested to come to bless the new mother and pray for her brand new baby. The venue is:

Place: Hudson house, no: 90, Baker Street, New York, America

Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011 at sharp 3: 00 pm

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