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Printable Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

Printable monkey baby shower invitations are one of the funniest and adorable baby shower messages, which are sent to the near & dear ones for announcing the baby shower occasion. You can find a wide range of printable monkey themed baby shower invitations online and by visiting a card gallery. Furthermore, cute & funky monkey themed baby showers can be prepared at home by printing the wonderful monkey images, using the attractive invitation text and appealing phrases. Unique text style, colour and by referring the online cutting guides, one can design an exclusive format of a printable monkey baby shower invitation. Nowadays, there are a number of free websites available, which are providing the print option on the selective monkey themed baby shower invitations. Moreover, you can get the exceptional baby shower messages printed by providing suitable quotes, invitation phases, picture and venue details, etc.

Sample printable monkey baby shower invitations:

(a)A bunch of monkeys is gathered to say,

A little princess is sailing into our hearts & life!

You are heartily invited to share the joy of baby shower occasion of Maria & Peter Timberlake at:

Hotel Hilton, Bakers Street, New York, America

On Tuesday 22nd, 2011 at sharp 3: 00pm

(b)A cute little monkey brings a very special invitation,

Tina is expecting a little bundle of joy, let us get together to double the joy!

No matter if it’s a baby girl & boy!

Please join us to celebrate the baby shower function of Tina Smith at:

Hotel Queensland, No: 9/ K, Spencer Road, Toronto, Canada

On Sunday 27th, 2011 at sharp 4:00 pm

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