Printable baby shower invitations

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Printable baby shower invitations must be of the best quality since they are sent for commemorating the event and making baby announcements stylish. Baby shower invitations must not be only practical ― had they been, invitations via email would have been the standard way for sending them. Invitees want something which they would be able to hold and appreciate in an invitation; something they could show off to family and friends.

Printable baby shower invitations must be written on acid-free paper for ensuring that they last a lifetime. Bulk-produced invitations could age and fade with time. Acid-free papers would surely last long enough.

A printable baby shower invitation could be designed with computer designing software and could also be created with images available online. Printable invitations are definitely for those who want to save money and yet design a beautiful invitation. It could be simple or detailed according to your choice. A printable baby shower invitation lets your imagination run to any extreme and create really beautiful cards.

Following are some examples of printable baby shower invitations.

  • Friends of the jungle circus have gathered to say, join us to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday. Come meet Laura and Henry Broad’s little princess, Sunday, 6th July 1999, 11.30 am onwards at the Broad residence. Regrets only 897-4532.
  • Miles and Jennie Goodspeed warmly invite you for the dedication of their son Robert Jackson Goodspeed on Friday, 22 July, 2009 at 12 noon at St James’ Cathedral, Mission Hills. 43rd Street. RSVP 458-9734.
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