Baby shower invitation poems

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A baby shower invitation poem is a special way for expressing your happiness to welcome the cute bundle of joy. Birth of a child is a joyous occasion for the whole family which requires celebration in a grand way. You arrange a party for your friend or sister who has just felt the ecstasy of motherhood.

You can add a sweet and short poem to your baby shower invitation for making it more interesting. Baby shower poems reflect your intense and felicity with words. Your invitees would definitely love to join your part and bless the child to arrive or the new baby and the mother-to-be.

For writing a poem, you don’t need to be a Shelly or Keats. You simply need to gather your emotions and thoughts and pen them down on paper. So, when the baby starts to grow up and learns reading, he would be pleasantly astonished to know that a poem was especially written for his honor. Never forget to put down your name in the end of your poem for you to be remembered all along for penning such a nice poem.

Following is a nice poem to be put on a baby shower invitation card of a stillborn child.

“Little baby in mamma’s womb
Waiting to see the world soon
You are warmly invited to the baby shower
To bless this unborn wonder
Bring along happiness and surprises
To cheer up the mom-to-be!
Rock the party and have fun
Welcoming the unhatched daughter or son!”

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