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Personalized baby shower invitations

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Personalized baby shower invitations are sent with the modified invitation cards by mentioning the name of the parents, contact details and the baby shower party information. To personalize an invitation, one can edit it online or fill the details manually by providing the required details.

Sample personalized baby shower invitations:

(a)Susan Spencer’s second baby is on the way,

Let’s celebrate together and get are prepared for the great day ahead in her life!

Dear Laura! Please join us for the baby shower party on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at Balmor banquet next to Bakers Street.

(b)We are expecting our little angle and seeking to enjoy this blissful moment with your kind presence. We are expecting you to delight Maria with your company on the occasion of her baby shower day!


Sunday, December 7th, 2010 at sharp 4 pm at Gilmore castle banquet, 5th street, next to Spencer mall, Toronto, Canada

Contact number: 6598 678 6769

(c) Dear Mr. Brown! To celebrate Sandra’s first baby shower, all of us has planned a party for her. Please come & help us to double the joy! Let’s wish her in a unique way at Sunday 5th, 2010, sharp 6pm at Rainbow Banquet hall, Cathedral Street, New York, America.

(d)No matter is it baby girl or naughty boy,

The coming unborn is the bundle of joy!

Dear Samantha! We are inviting you to bless Mary and her unborn. Please be there and join of our family members at our house on Sunday December 5th, 2010 at sharp 4pm.

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