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Panda Baby Shower Invitations

Panda baby shower invitations, as the name suggests, are one of the wonderfully outlined invitations with an animation touch. The selection of such an invitation totally depends on the choice of the expecting couple. These baby shower invitations are printed with amazing poses of Panda. A pregnant panda mother, a baby girl panda wearing a pink dress, a number of dancing pandas and a picture of baby panda hanging on the tree are some of the wonderful images printed on a panda baby shower invitations. Such an invitation can be either purchased from the online websites or can be ordered from the nearest card galleries.

Sample Panda Baby Shower Invitations:

(a)Pandas kiss after bedtime prayers,

Sticking litter white flowers all in her hair,

A little baby girl is one her way!

Dear Steve! It is a grand occasion of Emma’s First baby shower and we are expecting you to make these wonderful moments remarkable. The venue is:

Place: Hotel Kingston, Hudson Street, New York, America

Date: On Saturday, May 28th, 2011 at sharp 4: 00 pm

(b)It is a baby shower occasion, so do not forget,

Bring blue toys, clothes and a lot of gifts!

We are happy to announce our first baby shower and glad to invite you to join us on this cheerful function. Come with your family to bless our unborn baby boy! The venue is:

Place: House No: 56/ K, Wing- G, Spanner Road, New York, America

Date: On Sunday, May 29th, 2011 at sharp 11: 00 am

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