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Nursery Parade Baby Shower Invitations

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Nursery parade baby shower invitations are the invitations which are customized by the expecting couple to send an invitation to the close friends and family members for rejoicing their baby shower function together. As the name suggests, such baby shower invitations are printed with unique baby nursery rhymes, exclusive baby shower sayings and invitation wordings. A nursery parade baby shower invitations consists of cute images of newly born babies and a little baby enjoying rhymes with mother, etc. These invitations are also called as gender neutral invitation messages as these are fit for announcing the baby shower for a baby boy and for a baby girl. Blue, pink, green, brown and yellow are the bright colours of these baby shower invitations. Nursery parade baby shower invitations can either be ordered from local card shops or can be purchased from online websites. The printed image of a baby, glue, colour pencils, small flowers & stars and beads are the required to design a nursery parade baby shower invitation at home.

Sample Nursery Parade Baby Shower Invitations:

(a)Booties, bottles, diapers & pins, with the all these things the life of a little prince begins! Dear Mrs. Spencer! Please join us to celebrate the baby shower party honouring Hannah Smith. The venue is:

Hotel Lake View, 5th floor, New York, America

On Friday 5th, 2011 at sharp 3: 00 pm

(b)Here comes the baby from the heaven above, come bless the mother & shower bundle of love! You are heartily invited on the baby shower party of Linda Gomes. The venue is:

Gomes House, 4th street, New York, America

On Saturday, August 6th, 2011 at sharp 8: 00 pm

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