Baby shower messages

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Baby shower invitation messages should usher the festive mood which most people feel when a baby’s forthcoming birth is being observed, especially by the parents of little junior.

Many say, an invitation could make or break a party as regards to whether people arrive to the shower. As such sending informative and at the same time attractive invitations should ideally serve the purpose. Applying colorful themes to your baby shower message could make the message further attractive.

With technological advancements, getting a baby shower invitation would not be as difficult as it might sound since there are several places from where you can choose. Not only could you  scour the stores, but also browse through websites for getting the perfect invitation message and design. Besides, there are several online tools which help you with the wording of a baby shower invitation. You could even find some quotes and also some poems. However, before deciding upon the final touch, always remember to proof-read the spelling and wording or other typographical errors that could make the invitation look bad.

Below are some baby shower invitation messages

  • A baby shower party for celebrating George and Annie’s handsome new baby boy Kenneth. Saturday, 21st May, 11 am to 2 pm at Holy Church of the Trinity. Regards Chris Fabian Kenneth 555-133-1259.
  • Colleen and Stuart Reeves cordially invite you to the dedication of Steffie, their beloved daughter at the Reeves residence on Friday 22nd March 2009, 6pm to be followed by dinner. Regards Stuart Reeves 455-933-1569.
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