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Looneu- Toon Baby Shower Invitations

Looenu- toon baby shower invitations are one of the colourful and funny baby shower invitations sent to the near & dear ones for requesting their presence on this joyful function. These invitation messages are prepared with amazing Warner Brothers cartoon characters in different colours. The wonderful baby shower sayings and an exclusively designed format make a looneu- toon baby shower invitation very impressive and eye- catching. Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Floyd, Taz and Lola Bunny are the lovely looneu- toon baby shower invitations. Petinua, Daffy Duck, Melissa Duck and Sylvestar cat are the other preciously cute looneu-toon baby shower invitation themes liked by the expecting parents. This type of baby shower invitations can be either ordered from the internet by browning thorough a number of online websites or can be purchased from the card galleries. Always keep in mind that the baby shower phrases should suit the images printed at the front of the baby shower invitation.

Sample looneu- toon baby shower invitation:

(a)Looneu- toon has heard the forecast,

A little bundle of joy a dude is coming!

But, there will be a baby shower first!

Dear Mrs & Mr. Smith! Please join us for the baby shower occasion of our daughter Tina Hudson. The venue is:

Place: Hotel Queensland, Patrick Street, New York, America

Date: Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at sharp 9:00 am

Contact at: 485 7888 798

(b)Soft & Sweet and a bundle of joy,

Jessica Jonson is expecting a baby boy!

You are heartily invited for the baby shower party honouring Jessica Jonson at:

Jonson House, Cathedral Street, New York, America

Friday, May 6th, 2011 art sharp 10:00 am

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