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Long Distance Baby Shower Invitations

Long distance baby shower invitations refer to those invitations which are sent to people who live far from the place where the baby shower will be held. Such invitations must be sent ahead of time than the other invitations because it has to reach the destination, the guests need to make travel plans and the sooner you send the card, the easier it will be for them to make preparations.

For example, the grandparents of the baby may be in a different place but they are an important part of the mother’s life and so whoever is arranging the baby shower needs to make a list of people who are away and as soon as the date is fixed, she must mail the invitations. The content will remain same but the timing of sending the invitation is crucial. There are certain points one can keep in mind when creating long distance baby shower invitations:

  • Date: First you need to fix the date of the baby shower so that everyone can be informed of the event and it is easier for them to make plans, especially for those who live far from the venue.
  • Regular mail: You can post the invitations but regular mail but make sure you send them many days in advance because it takes time to reach the destination. Also, put the right amount of stamps and write the address of the receiver clearly.
  • Email: The faster option of contacting people living far is through email which will reach them in a matter of seconds. It also saves you the trouble of buying stamps and going to the post office.
  • Website: You can also create a blog or a website which will have all the details of the baby shower so that people can log in from anywhere and get to know about the latest updates.
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