Baby shower invitation messages

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A baby shower invitation announces the coming of new baby. The invitation is designed for planning the day and capturing the emotions and joyful spirit of the mother-to-be. The design and theme of baby shower invitation messages could be chosen from the several available online options or they could be customized by expecting mothers as per their own innovative ideas.

Besides the themes and designs, parents could use specific shapes for making the invitations. These could reflect the baby’s accessories like small triangle-shaped diapers or bubble gum cigars, square building blocks with tags comprising the details about the party. Tiny scrapbooks specifying the party details and program schedules with spaces for the message could be an impressive way for designing such invitations.

One of the most important things about making a baby shower invitation is to clearly mention the time and date of the party so that guests don’t get confused. The design of baby shower invitations having messages could be typically chosen to keep the party’s theme of celebration in the mind and customized accordingly. A thick construction paper and felt pens could be used as material for designing baby shower invitation messages.

Here are some instances of baby shower messages.

  • Baby shower for Judith Addison for celebrating the birth of Michelle Tiffany. Saturday, 8th December, 11.30 am onwards. 488, Rosewood Drive. Regrets only 818-245-8709.
  • Come and meet Edward and Samantha Bradley’s handsome new prince at 516, Superior Park Avenue on Thursday, 17 July, 2009 at 11 am. RSVP 897-2543.
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