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Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations

Ideas for baby shower invitations refer to the different types of themes one can choose from to organize a baby shower for their loved ones. A baby shower is held by a friend or family member of an expectant mother to honor her and shower her with gifts they may need during and after her pregnancy. You can either write a simple baby shower invitation telling guests about the time, place and date of the party or add some vibrancy to it by choosing a particular theme.

The wording, designs and pictures in the invitation card and also the decorations at the party along with the food and style will depend on the theme. You can create your own card or choose from the numerous options available on the internet where all you need to do is select a template. The following ideas will make your baby shower invitations special and memorable:

Sample Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Theme: The theme of the invitation may include anything from vintage, circus, ladybug, rubber duck, nautical, owl, religious, sailboat, sea horse to sailor, lion, mustache, classy and so on and so forth.
  • Wording: Once you have decided the theme of the baby shower, you can use many ideas to represent that theme through your words. You can write verses or plain text to invite guests or go to a website which has numerous options from which you can select the baby shower invitation of your choice.
  • Craft materials: There are different types of materials that can be used to liven up your plain baby shower invitation like laces, button, flowers, butterflies, glitter ribbons and so on which can be stuck to the card to make beautiful designs
  • Decorations: The baby shower venue can be decorated with bright colored materials or you can go for a classy d├ęcor according to the mood of the party
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