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How to Write a Invitation Letter for Baby Shower

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Baby shower is the occasion to celebrate and honor the arrival of a baby into the family. Pretty baby shower cards are often saved by the guests for years, so it is important that you write things which hold significant meaning and convey your best wishes. Here are some helpful instructions, which you help to know how to write a invitation letter for baby shower.
Personalize the Card

The content written in baby shower card has to be from your heart and it should reflect the circumstances of the expecting parents. It could be their first baby or another child in the family or they may be adopting. It is worth specifying the path taken by them, which shows where they stand now.

Include information pertaining to their journey and the memories which you shared along with them. Express about your eagerness to create new memories on the arrival of new child and your enthusiasm of being part of the child’s life.
Motherhood and a New Beginning

Include few lines about the start of new life and future expectations. Write about the pleasure of parenting, what a wonderful parent the expectant mother will turn out to be and also about cherishing every moment, as the time flies.

Impart your happiness, blessing, faith, and enthusiasm for the new arrival. You can also speak about the confidence that you have in the expectant parents and about your willingness to offer support.
Baby Shower Quotes, Poems and Sayings

In addition to your own wordings in the invitation card, you may also include few poetic lines which express the occasion. Including a quote or poem about newborn, motherhood, parenting and related topics gives a unique touch and it is a great way of wrapping up the card.

You can find many websites on the internet which contain huge variety of baby shower quotes and poems.

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