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How to write a baby shower invitation

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A baby shower invitation is created by the mother-to-be or her friends who host a baby shower for her to invite guests who can bless the baby and wish for the mother’s good health. There can be many themes of the baby shower and the party, but these details should be kept in mind when making an invitation card: Name of the new mom and her baby (if the baby is born already), date of the baby shower, timings of the party, address of the venue for the event, RSVP and phone number of the person organising the baby shower, gift registry details if the mother has subscribed to it, and a verse or a short poem in the beginning to set the tone of the baby shower. Besides the content, the invitation card can be made more attractive by art work and craft work related to the theme of the baby shower. Decorative pictures, ribbons, colourful designs, glitter and photographs can be added. Once the theme of the baby shower is decided and design is selected, the wording of the invitation can be formed around it. Keep it simple, clean and cute to describe your excitement and joy in anticipating the arrival of the baby.

Sample how to write a baby shower invitation:

  • Soft as a whisper, adorable and sweet, bringing sunshine in our lives, with every little heart beat.

Please join us in honouring Katherine Smith for her baby shower.

Place: Johnson Street, California

Date: September 5, 2011, Thursday at 2:00 pm


Josh Smith

Phone number: 878459439

Katherine is registered at Walgreens and Walmart.

  • Sweet new member coming aboard!

Join us in welcoming baby Adam into the Miller family at Jessica Miller’s baby shower.

Place: West Anderson Lane, Austin

Date: September 4, 2011, Wednesday at 2: 00 pm


Katie Miller

Phone number: 4358943593

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