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How to make your own baby shower invitations

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Baby shower invitations can be bought or made by using things at home or buy buying the basic craft items from the store. Although there are many options available in the market or online, making your own baby shower invitations adds a little charm and personal touch to the card. As a host and organiser of the baby shower, you can apply some creative ideas to make the invitations depending on the theme of the party. Here are a few tips on how you can make your own baby shower invitations:

  • Theme: First decide the theme of the baby shower. It can be a seaworld theme, garden them or vintage theme and so on. Once you have theme ready, you can design your invitation cards based on this
  • Materials: There are different types of craft materials available in the market which you can use to make your baby shower invitations more attractive like glitter, coloured paper, cloth, ribbons, laces etc
  • Design: The design would depend on the theme of the baby shower. So for example, the a nautical theme can have a sea horse or fish whereas a vintage theme can have pictures of old dolls, tea sets and so on.
  • Drawing: If you are good artist, you can draw cute pictures like butterflies, cradles, flowers, dolls, clouds on the card
  • Online template: Use different online templates and designs to select the one most suitable for you to create a soft copy version of baby shower invitations.
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