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How to make my own baby shower invitations

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Baby shower invitations are used to invite guests to attend a party held in honour of a mother who is expecting the birth of a child soon. There are different types of baby shower invitations that one can buy from the store or online. But making them with your own hand always adds that personal touch to the invites and make them more precious and cherished. If you are hosting a baby shower invitation you can make your own invites and it is not very difficult to do that as there are so many options and themes you can choose from in terms of materials and designs. Some materials can be bought from the store after which you can use your creativity to make cute designs on the cards. Once you have decided the theme, you can create patterns accordingly and then write the content on the invitation, giving the guests information about the date, time and venue. These tips will help you to make your own baby shower invitations:

  • Select a theme: Every baby shower has a cute baby-related theme which is the basis of the party, like ladybugs, butterflies, vintage etc.
  • Craft materials: Use craft materials like laces, ribbons, coloured paper, glitter, cloth, etc to make your baby shower invitations more colourful and attractive
  • Creativity: Use your creativity to draw or create designs on the invitations by making different patterns related to the theme of the baby shower. For girls you can draw flower, dolls and for boys you can draw cars, bugs etc
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