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How to make a diaper baby shower invitation

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A diaper baby shower invitation is an invitation card for a baby shower party made in the shape of a diaper or which has designs and patterns like a baby’s diapers. They are a cute motif which immediately reminds one of babies and hence are used commonly in baby shower invitations. Diaper baby shower invitations can be made using a sheet of paper or by using cloth and other materials, folded in the form of a diaper. Since it is not just a plain piece of invitation, it requires some effort and time to make these invitations. These tips will help you to make a diaper baby shower invitation.

  • You can draw a diaper shape on a piece of paper and then cut the paper along the lines and fold them in the necessary places like a triangle on the left, right and bottom of the paper to get the shape of a diaper. Write the information about the baby shower party inside the diaper and your invitation is ready!
  • You can also cut a piece of cloth in the shape of a diaper and paste it on a sheet of paper. Give the required information and your diaper baby shower invitation is all set to be sent.
  • If you have trouble creating the shape of the diaper, you can download diaper pictures from the internet and stick those pictures on the invitation to make it look more colourful and attractive. You can also make them like a card, so that the information in inside the invite.
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