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How to Make a Baby Shower Invitation

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A baby shower invitation is sent to friends and family members of the mother of baby in order to celebrate the arrival of the child and while making these invitations it is very important to know how to make a baby shower invitation. There are many ways by which you can tell your friends and family that you are organising a baby shower. You can either call them and tell them about the details of the shower or send an email, letter or card by normal post. Any baby shower invitation must have the basic information about the names of the parents, the venue, time and date of the baby shower. The rest of it is optional: you can draw cute patterns of animals, flowers, butterflies and babies or attach decorative craft items to make the invitation look more lively and appealing. Don’t forget to give the address or phone number of the hostess so that the guests know who to call for any questions.

Sample How to make a baby shower invitation:

  • Dear Cindy,

We are happy to invite you to celebrate Bethany’s baby shower to welcome her baby boy into this world. The theme of the baby shower is cars! If you have any questions, do contact me whenever you want.

Yours truly,


  • Dear Lily,

Join us to bless the mother and child at Milly’s baby shower on Sunday. Please respond whether you are attending or not so that we can make the arrangements.

Yours truly,


Date: 31.10.2011

Place: 21 Apts, New Jersey

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