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How to fill out baby shower invitations

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Baby shower invitations are sent out to the well-wishers and friends of a mother who is expecting the birth of a baby or who has just had a baby and guests bring along gifts which will help her take care of the baby. There is no fixed content for filling up baby shower invitations as it varies from person to person, but a few things need to be mentioned and included in the card. These are as follows:

  • Quotation or poem: The first line must be filled up with a funny or cute quote about the baby and the baby shower which will give the guest an idea of the theme of the party or other details like the gender of the baby, if there are twins or not etc
  • The next line must include the name of the mother as it is very important to know whose baby shower it is and the mother is the main person in this party
  • Some baby shower invitations are sent after the baby s born and so in this case fill in the name of the baby next or along with the mother
  • Address the baby shower invitation to someone by giving his name and make a formal invitation to the party
  • The next most important part of the invitation card is the RSPVP details. Fill out the areas which mention time, date, day, venue, special instructions and the contact details of the host so that the guests can contact the host or any questions
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