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How to do baby shower invitations

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A baby shower invitation is sent by the host of a baby shower party to the friends and family members of the expectant mother in order to shower her with blessings and good wishes and to celebrate the arrival of the baby. Like any party, it is very important to do the baby shower invitations correctly so that the guests get the right information at the right time. There are many ways by which you can do these invitations and inform the mother’s friends that you are organising a baby shower. They can either be sent invitations through regular post, emails or you can send a card. While doing a baby shower information one must remember a few things: Get the wording correct so that the content fits the occasaion. Give the necessary information about baby shower like time, date and venue so that guests can arrange their schedule. Give the name of the mother and also add any important special instructions that are related to the baby shower. You can decorate the baby shower invitation with cute patterns, drawings and designs to make it more attractive and colourful. As a host, you have to give your contact details in the end.

Sample How to do baby shower invitations:

  • Dear Allie,

We are blessed to let you know that we are celebrating Millie’s baby shower to welcome her baby boy into this world. Please join us and shower your blessings on her.

Venue: Andrews Hall, 12 Welling Road

Date: Feb 5

Time: 6 pm

Yours truly,


Phone: 898492833

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