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Great Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitations

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Great pumpkin baby shower invitations are those invitations, which are tailored by the expecting parents in order to invite the near & dear ones to join their baby shower juncture. A couple of smiling pumpkins, a mother holding a newly born with a sweet pumpkin quote and a pumpkin shaped carriage carrying a little baby are some of the wonderful designs for great pumpkin baby shower invitations. A great pumpkin baby shower invitation can either be ordered from the online websites or can be purchased by exploring the local card galleries by mentioning the specifications and quantity. A desired image of pumpkin, decorative buttons & beads and glitter pens are the main requirements for crafting a great pumpkin baby shower at home.

Sample Great Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitations:

(a)A brand new little pumpkin is on his away, Come and celebrate this great day! It’s a baby shower of Anna Simpson! So please spare the day in advance to bless the new mother and the little unborn. The venue is:

Place: Simpson House, 3rd street, Spencer Road, New York, America

On Friday, August 5th, 2011 at sharp 1: 00 pm

R.S.V.P: Simpson Family!

(b) The new journey of love, affection and sleepless nights is about to begin, as we are about to receive our new sweet smelling pumpkin! We are glad to announce the second baby shower occasion honouring Linda Smith! Please come along with your family to bless us. The venue is:

Hotel Hudson, 3rd floor, Bakers Road, New York, America

On Saturday, August 6th, 2011 at sharp 7: 00 pm

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