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Funny Couples Baby Shower Invitations

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Funny couples baby shower invitations are sent to the friends and family of a couple who are expecting a baby and in this case the invitation is written in a funny humorous manner. There can be different types of baby shower invitations with varied themes which set the tone of the party. When a baby shower is thrown for a couple, then it is not just a ladies affair but guests of both sexes are invited.

A baby shower by itself is a happy occasion and it can be made more jovial with the use of jokes on parenthood and post-pregnancy which can lighten the anxiety of the parents and create a funny, healthy atmosphere for the baby. In the couples baby shower invitations one can make some variations which will not only make a regular invitation attractive but also add some humour to it.

Friends of the couple can write a funny limerick or poem on being parents or also write a personal joke on the couple which they share based on a past experience. Funny pictures in general or of the couple may also be used to revive old memories and good old days.

Sample funny couples baby shower invitations:

  • “Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare!”

Join us for Elina and Jack’s baby shower as they gear up for their first baby. The details of the party are as follows:

Place: 39 Hardy Lane, San Antonio

Date: September 12, 2011, Tuesday at 8: 00 pm


Mason Moore

Phone number: 4584359359

  • “You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance!”

Shower your blessings on baby Sammy at the baby shower of Penny and Philip Jones. Please join us at:

Place: Hotel Fern Hill, New York

Date: July 12, 2011, Saturday at 1: 00 pm


Dahlia Spencer

Phone number: 8457438343

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