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Free Baby Shower invitations

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Free baby shower invitations are sent by expectant parents to their friends and family to celebrate the anticipated arrival of the baby by incorporating free ideas to embody a particular theme of the baby shower. Since the ideas are free for everyone, you can save money and rather spend them on party materials, food and decorations. There are many websites which offer free baby shower ideas and templates that you can just print out and write your own details of the party.

Even basic programmes like MS Word have many free templates or thumbnail images of babies which you can use in your invitation. Another way of sending free baby shower invitations is to send them online through emails or online free templates, which don’t cost anything and you can save money on paper, decorations and postage. If you want to give a personal touch to the invitation yet not spend money, you can use materials that you already have in the house like colour paper, threads, tissue paper, colours and other things which can be used for free in creating a baby shower invitation. Special sketch pens, calligraphy pens or glitter pens can also be used to make a simple invitation card more attractive and appealing for free.

Sample Free Baby Shower invitations:

  • A bundle of joy will be amidst us soon!

To celebrate Amy’s motherhood and the bonny baby who is due soon, join us at Amy’s baby shower and bless the mother and child. The details of the party are as follows:

Place: 22 Street, Apt 103, Grover Lane, Arkansas

Date: September 14, 2011, Monday at 11: 00 am



Phone number: 4756473583

  • You are heartily invited to celebrate the first baby shower of Rory Milano. Please join us at:

Place: Hotel Lily Valley, New York

Date:  July 10, 2011, Friday at 1: 00 pm



Phone number: 34738758753

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