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Ethnic Baby Shower Invitations

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Ethnic baby shower invitations present the perfect example of a ritual or a cultural baby shower invitation. However, such an invitation can be a handmade or it can be sent via e-mail. The format of an ethnic invitation remains standard, whereas the font and size of the content may vary according to the choice of the interested person. The content or invitation wording of the ethnic baby shower message is full of holy thoughts, cultural saying and joyful phrases. One can customize an ethnic baby shower invitation, by specifying the images to be printed, whereas the online available invitations or card gallery invitations are prepared with the sober images of babies, rainbows, flowers and birds, etc. To make an ethnic baby shower invitation more special, a person can send a gift or sweets along with the invitation card.

Ethnic Baby Shower Invitations:

(a)A little unborn baby boy & baby girl is on the way, so let us celebrate the baby shower in a unique way!

Samantha and William are gladly inviting you to join the baby shower of their coming baby. Please be with us to double the joy of this wonderful occasion. Venue is as following:

Place: Hotel Harrison, 4th floor, Spencer Street, New York, America

Date: January 24th, 2011

Time: sharp at 5:00 pm

Contact number: 5859 574 3738

(b)Tiny finger, little hands & tiny toes, Little dress, dolls and curls,

Guess what! The forecast says: “it’s a baby girl”.

You are invited to join the baby shower of Emily Watson at Watson Mansion, No: 9-P, South Down Park, New York, America on Monday, January 24th, 2011 at sharp 10am.

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