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Different Types of Baby Shower Invitations

There are different types of baby shower invitations which one can choose according to one’s preferences, likes and dislikes honoring the expectant mother and her soon to arrive baby. Like any other party, baby showers invitations can be of many types where one can select a theme and center the invitation, décor and food according to that theme. The language of the invitation also changes accordingly. For eg, religious verses can be used in some, while others can opt for funny jokes and anecdotes.

Some prefer to write a straightforward invitation message while others can begin with a verse or cute poem about the baby. Baby shower invitations can also be gender-specific or it can be general. As for the theme of the baby shower, there is no end to what one can choose from: you can go for a lavish circus themed shower or a quainter vintage theme. Whatever be the type of baby shower, remember the focus should be on the mother and the baby.

Sample Different Types Of Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Gender neutral:

Share our happiness, share our joy,

Shower Melissa’s with love and her baby girl or boy!

You are invited to celebrate the joyous occasion of Melissa Miller’s baby shower as we honor her and her baby. The details of the party are given below:

Place: 28 Clarence Lane

Date: June 10, 2012

Time: 11 am



Phone no: u93w439

  • Animal/bird theme:

Can you hear what the birds are saying? There is a baby coming but first there will be a shower!!

Please join us as we celebrate the baby shower of Dorothy Richards and let us shower her with love and blessings.

Contact me for any further information:

Place: 22 Coconut Grove

Date: June 9, 2012

Time: 5 pm


Diana (sister)

Phone no: 8948593453

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