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Dad baby shower invitations

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Dad baby shower invitations are sent out by the father of the baby or by someone on his behalf to invite friends and family to celebrate fatherhood. Traditionally baby showers are organised for mothers-to-be by her friends to have fun and at the same time wish her good health, give gifts which would help her and the baby and so on. A dad baby shower is a new concept coming up where friends and cousins of the father host a shower for him because after all this is a new and exciting time for him too.

A dad baby shower can be celebrated by holding a barbeque party or a beer party among friends and his friends can bring gifts like diapers and toys for the baby besides bringing food and beverages to the party. A dad baby shower party can also be set at interesting locations where the father and his friends can have a fun time like a bowling ring, golf club, and concert or music club. There are different types of games which can also be played at the dad baby shower invitations such as changing diapers in the shortest amount of time; hold wagers on the baby’s weight, hair colour, eye colour, birth day etc; assembling baby toys and so on.

Sample dad baby shower invitations:

  • Please join us in honouring Roger Hanks for being a daddy!

Keep reading for baby shower details:

Place: Johnson Entertainment Centre, Burbank

Date: September 6, 2011, Friday at 7:00 pm


Jensen Jones

Phone number: 874393859

  • New Dad to be!

You are cordially invited for a fun night to celebrate Bob’s entry into fatherhood. Details of the dad baby shower are as follows:

Place: West Kipling Lane, Dallas

Date: September 5, 2011, Thursday at 8: 00 pm


James Miller

Phone number: 4589439399

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