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Cute Things to Write on Baby shower invitations

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Planning a baby shower is a big ordeal. There are games, food and many fun-filled activities to be planned. A party invitation is equally important to plan. If you are a little choosy with the wording, the invitation cards may take some time to prepare.

Selecting the right words for your baby shower is essential, as it sets the party tone. Here we specify some cute things to write on baby shower invitations, which will help make the occasion more exciting.

Theme based Wording

What things to write in your invitation, basically spring from the theme of the party. If you decide on a theme, you can include related words in the invitation. If it’s going to be casual themed party, you can specify it in the card. Fun themes, based on balloon and teddy bear party require funny and informal wordings.

You can use poems, quotes or you can even create your own lines. Several websites on the internet offer plenty of sample writings for invitations. You can pick the suitable and most catchy wordings

which best express your shower party, for instance:

“Diapers and bibs, bottles and more

That’s what Baby Showers are for!”

Gender specific

Your invitation can be general or gender specific. If you are making the gender of the baby known to your guests you can use words like:
“A giggle, a curl,
a sweet little smile.
A baby girl’s coming
in just a short while!”
“Cute and cuddly,
a bundle of joy,
our mommy-to-be
is expecting a boy!”

Kiddie Rhymes

It is a great idea to use baby rhymes in the invitation. You can make use of nursery rhymes or lyrics of songs, which are popular with the kids. Famous rhymes like Baa Baa Black sheep, Hickory, Dickory, Dock and Humpty Dumpty can make interesting invitation cards.
“Twinkle twinkle little star,
How we wonder who you are.
A little girl or little boy,
You’re sure to bring a lot of joy!”

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