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Cute Animal Baby Shower Invitations

Cute animal baby shower invitations are those invitations, which are sent by the expectant couple to request the presence of near & dear ones on the special occasion of baby shower. These gender neutral baby shower invitations are available in unique formats designed with exclusive colourful images and wonderful baby shower sayings. You can purchase such an invitation from the online card galleries and local card stores by choosing the preferred design. A bunch of dancing animals announcing the arrival of a new baby, cute animals playing with a new born and a pregnant mother tapping cute animals are some of  the widely purchased cute animal baby shower invitations. Moreover, colourful paper, printed images, ribbons & bows, colours and glue, etc. can be used to prepare such an invitation at home.

Sample cute animal baby shower invitations:

  1. All cute animals are gathered to say, “Lilly is arranging for baby shower and is seeking to have your blessings & prayers”!

You are heartily invited to join the baby shower party of Lilly Robinson. The venue is:

Place: Robinson House, no: 34/ J, Wing- K, Salt Lake Town, New York, America

Date: On Sunday, July 10th, 2011 at sharp 2: 00 pm

  1. Dancing animals whispering to each other’s Ears

Who is going to rock & roll- the new mum and the coming baby dear!

Dear Mrs & Mr. Williams! We are expecting the arrival of a little angel and seeking you presence on the grand occasion of baby shower juncture honouring Anna Simpson. The venue is:

Place: Hotel Anderson Yard, 3rd street, Parkinson Road, New York, America

Date: on Monday, July 11th, 2011 at sharp 4: 00 pm

Contact us at: 7980 683 6979

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