Couples baby shower invitation

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Couples Baby shower invitations bring the occasion of baby shower to a full circle. All occasions are incomplete without guests and what could be more enjoying than celebrating the occasions with the couple’s near and dear ones?

Baby shower invitation cards are the perfect way to invite the guests to the party. The invitation should comprise all necessary details about the party viz. the time, date, venue and of course the names of the invitees. The appearance and format of baby shower invitations must be pleasurable and attractive, clearly indicating the joy and love of the organizer.

Nowadays, several websites provide an assortment of interesting baby shower invitation cards. Various types of illustration and designs enhance the beauty of the invitation. For girls, cute pictures of damsels and dolls could be used while for boys, motifs of superheroes are often put in.

The perfect baby shower invitation should be attractive yet informative. Usually the cards available at numerous drug stores are primitive and drab, with the same old de-glamorous mother figure.

Here are some instances of couple’s baby shower invitation.

  • Sabrina and Tony Holifield solicit your presence at the baby shower ceremony of their newest addition to their family Sarah. Wednesday, 16th September, 2010, at St Andrews Holy Church at 1524 Elm Street. Regrets only 555-123-2342.
  • A celebration to observe the joy of arrival of little Henry to the Monroe household to be followed by dinner. 2nd January, 2008 at Monroe Villa, 13 Bishop Road, on and from 6 pm. RSVP 553-134-2492.
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