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Coed Baby Shower Invitations

Coed baby shower invitations are one of the widely used baby shower invitations nowadays to invite the both men & women relatives and friends to celebrate this remarkable occasion in an impressive manner. In such a baby shower invitation, both sides of close friends and dear ones share the joy of this most awaited occasion and bless the new mother & the unborn. A coed baby shower invitation can be chosen with an image of expecting parents, the pregnant mother standing with father and an expecting couple holding a baby stroller, etc. Such an invitation message can be purchased in blue & pink colours to disclose the gender of the unborn if it is known. With interactive baby shower rhymes and well drafted venue details fit in a beautiful template, this coed baby shower invitation presents a designer and a sober look. However, one can also purchase these customizable invitations from the internet.

Sample coed baby shower invitations:

(a)A blue bassinet is ready; Emma’s baby boy is soon to be arrived!

We are pleased to announce the baby shower juncture of our daughter Emma Watson and you are requested to join us for this grand celebration. The venue is:

Place: Hotel Kindergarten, 3rd floor, Salt Lake Town, New York, America

Date: Friday May 6th, 2011 at sharp 10:00 am

(b) The time is coming, she is almost due,

It is definitely going to be blue!

Please join us for the baby shower occasion of Diana & Harry Timberlake!


Timberlake House, 3rd street, Baker Street, New York, America

Friday May 6th, 2011 at sharp 3: 00 pm

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