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Clipart Baby Shower Invitations

Clipart baby shower invitations are the simplest and quickest method to draft a desired baby shower invitations. If the expecting parents are with limited budget, this type of invitation will prove to be a great help for them. With little time investment and by implementing exceptional ideas, one can easily design the required clipart baby shower message at ease. A clipart baby shower invitation can be drafted by using the simple MS Word tools and commands. You can use the collection of clip art characters to decorate the invitation with suitable invitation phrases and venue details. Furthermore, one can paste the extracted images with the selected clipart cartoons to give the invitation message unique look. It is recommended to use the diverse text styles, colours and fonts to outline the clipart baby shower invitation.

Sample clipart baby shower invitations:

(a)A baby cuddles & tickles on toes,

Sweet scent of powered and lots of kisses on nose

Bring colourful ribbon & bows!

Dear Mr. & Mrs Smith! Please join us for the baby shower occasion of Emma & Hennery Paul to double the joy of this occasion. The venue is:

Place: Hotel Kingston, Cathedral Road, New York, America

Date: Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Time: 10:00- 11:30 am

R.S.V.P: Paul & Spencer Family

(b) Little babies come in all shapes & sizes,

Adventurous, shy & full of surprises!

Sweet cute halos & mischievous grins,

They make small dirty face with sticky chins!

You are heartily invited to join the baby shower function of Eva & Peter McGraw at:

Hotel Hilton, 4th floor, Spencer road, New York, America

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 at sharp 4:00pm

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