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Caterpillar Baby Shower Invitations

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Caterpillar baby shower invitations are the invitations, which are personalized by the expecting parents to request the presence of their close friends and relatives on such a blissful occasion. Caterpillar baby shower invitations are one of the colourful and funny baby shower invitations, which are available in the different sizes and are designed with unique and attractive patterns. The beautifully printed baby shower phrases, wording and bright images of a caterpillar help you to make baby shower occasion memorable. You can purchase such an invitation by specifying the quantity of invitation cards and desired card template specifications. Online card galleries and local invitation card shops are the right places for you to purchase the caterpillar baby shower invitations. A long caterpillar invitation can be prepared at home with colourful pieces of round shaped papers decorated with beads and quoted with a lovely baby shower invitation in colourful ink.

Sample Caterpillar baby shower invitation

(a)Little unborn are spreading happiness to the world, so we are awaiting for her, we are going to have a little baby girl! We are glad to invite you on the baby shower occasion honouring Linda McGraw. Your presence means a lot to us. The venue is:

Place: McGraw House, No: 90/ Wing D, New York, America

Date: Friday, August 5th, 2011 at sharp 3: 00 pm

(b)Father-to-be and mother-to-be are eager to be there, But before their precious little baby comes, Let us celebrate this blissful day in advance!

Dear Tom! You are cordially invited to bless the coming unborn and the new mother. The venue is:

Hotel Queensland, Salt Lake City, New York, America

On Saturday, August 6ht, 2011 at sharp 3: 00 pm

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