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Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

Butterfly baby shower invitations sound quite pretty and fairytale invitation messages sent to the near & dear ones for inviting them to join the baby shower occasion. Such an invitation comes in a shape of a butterfly designed with a number of colourful and decorative beads. You can explore a wide range of butterfly messages on the internet by placing an order or for grabbing an idea if you are seeking to prepare homemade butterfly baby shower invitations. Mostly, a butterfly baby shower invitation is used for a girl baby shower. Always keep in mind that this baby shower invitation must be drafted with a unique baby shower phrases along with venue details and baby shower invitation wordings. You can send these baby showers invitations via e-mail or by post as per suitability.

Sample Butterfly baby shower Invitations:

(a)It will be double the joy and double the fun,

Because Anna is going to have more than one!

We are inviting you for the great occasion of baby shower honouring Anna & Tim Hudson. Please be there to bless the new mother and the unborn baby. The venue is:

Place: House No: 89, Sun Rise Society, New York, America

Date: Sunday, April 2nd, 2011

Time: at 5: 00 pm

(b)Butterflies, Bottles, bow,

A new baby is about to come and our love overflows!

Please join us for the baby shower occasion of Emma & Jim Smith. The venue is as following:

House no: 78, Bakers Street, New York, America

On Monday, April 3rd, 2011

At Sharp 3: 00 pm

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